Reserving a Date to Take the PHR SPHR GPHR or CA Exam

Can you please share about your experience in setting up your test date.

Did you select the date and location or is it already set up for you by HRCI?

Anything else you can share with us?

What did you think of this article?

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  • 3/14/2010 7:21 AM Abigail wrote:
    Hi Jacquelyn,
    Absolutely, it was very easy. I just went online to ( I believe that's the website, but you may want to look it up to be sure) choose my testing location closest to my zip code, and then choose the date. It was that easy!
    I hope this helps.
    Good luck to all your students!
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  • 3/14/2010 7:25 AM Anna Canton PHR wrote:
    Hi, my experience in setting up the test date was simple. I actually waited a little longer than most, so I dont recommend waiting this long. Half way thru the study group course, I looked at the test dates available and made the appointment just 2 weeks before the deadline. I chose a test date that was 10 days after the class ended. It gave me more study time but not so much that I would forget material that I had learned in the beginning. It worked out, I passed!
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  • 3/14/2010 7:36 AM Karen Holloway PHR wrote:
    Hi Jacquelyn,

    Of course! As I recall I went to the Prometric testing center web site and found the location closest to my house which is in Redlands. I signed up on line for the first Saturday the test was offered after the class was completed. I was afraid I might forget stuff we recently studied if I didn’t do it right away.

    They had an 8:00 am test and a 12:00 noon test. Although I am a morning person, I wanted to give myself time to sleep in a little if I wanted and plenty of time to arrive early. I also did some last minute test taking on the computer. The 1,000 question test bank on the CD with our program was extremely helpful to me. I think I got through about 800 of the questions between the time our class ended and I took the test at Prometric.

    Good Luck to your class. Please let me know if you have any other questions. All I can add is that I am glad I finally decided to take the class and the test. The rest is history!
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  • 3/14/2010 7:38 AM Kathy Ruffino SPHRCA wrote:
    Hi Jacquelyn,

    I hope all is going well with your new class! I chose the location first on the test site and then a calendar pops up with the available dates and times. If the date and time you want is not available, the site will ask if you want to select a different site or date.

    I would recommend choosing a date that affords you the time to prepare; try not to schedule it at the same time you're preparing for open enrollment or a huge presentation if at all possible!

    That's my .02 - hope it helps.
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  • 3/14/2010 7:40 AM Kathy Ruffino SPHRCA wrote:
    Go to that's the Prometric site to schedule the exams. Click on the "start" button and follow the directions/prompts.
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  • 3/14/2010 7:42 AM Kim Lenderman PHR wrote:
    I was able to pick the date, location and time for my exam. The
    instructions on the HRCI web site are very user friendly. The things I
    would recommend are to make sure each person is totally committed to this.
    I really focused on my studying for the four weeks prior to the exam. (No
    TV, etc, except on weekends.) I took what I got from the study group
    practice tests and studied the areas where I missed. The other modules
    where I knew the content I left aside until I reviewed the last week. I
    also focused on what each case was about, not really focusing on the dates.
    About a week before the exam, I took every question from the CD in the
    SHRM Learning system. When I took the exam, I took 3hrs and 50mins to
    complete it. I was able to go back and make a few changes because of
    questions earlier in the exam that tied in to later questions. It made
    sense when I went back. They also need to remember that it is federal and
    not Ca. specific. I had a supervisor invite me to a Ca. law seminar while
    I was studying for the exam and I had to decline so I wouldn't get
    confused. He understood.
    I hope this helps. Good luck to everyone.
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  • 3/14/2010 7:46 AM Marlette Miller PHR wrote:
    You need to pick a location and the date/time. Once you register and pay for the test you get a confirmation email.
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  • 3/14/2010 7:56 AM Kim Osorio SPHR CA wrote:
    Once you sign up for the test you can choose your preferred testing site. You go on the testing site to check dates and times. Each location has only a number of test times available so if you want a certain date or time you may have to look at other local testing sites.

    They will have lockers at the test locations to put any personal belongings into as you cannot bring anything in with you.

    Hope this helps and see you all soon.
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  • 3/14/2010 7:58 AM Nathan Rawls wrote:
    I set it up through the HRCI website, and selected a test location. I had to use my ID given me in my eligibility letter, and then I was able to schedule it myself. They had several dates to choose from at the location I chose. Hope this helps.
    Nathan Rawls, PHR
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  • 3/14/2010 8:11 AM Teri Brun PHR wrote:
    I set up the date and location - then HRCI verified.
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  • 3/14/2010 8:14 AM Tonya Baut wrote:
    After you register with HRCI, you are given a ID and passcode for your test date. You are directed to another website (confusing…) that lists the dates and facilities. Once you login and the system has your profile you will be asked to select the type of Test (PHR, SPHR GPR, etc) and then you search by location and facility for the best match to your schedule and address. You select the date/facility/time for the test at this point. The lists are static information, not dynamic so have another open window available to do a map on the directions to the facility. Once you select the facility under the date, choose the time and confirm your selection. Be absolutely sure before you confirm the dates/time/facility, HRCI is not flexible with rescheduling.
    I had my test date and facility chosen and completed in under 15 minutes, but that was after I figured out that I needed to actually login to another site. Hope this helps!

    Happy to hear from you, take care,
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  • 3/14/2010 8:16 AM Olivia Vaca wrote:
    It was very easy to schedule the test. The HRCI site has a direct link to Prometric and all one has to do is select the date and site location for availability. Once the date and location is selected, an e-mail is sent for confirmation and a reminder notice is sent one week before the test date with all the rules. Re-scheduling the test is also very easy. The center where I went didn’t allow for any watches or jewelry other than a wedding band, and no scarves. So please advice your students who have large sparklers not to bother putting it on. My other advice is to bring a water bottle to store in the locker as it is quicker to go to the locker to get a drink. I left my water bottle in the car and when I got thirsty I had to register out and back in which took a total of 3 minutes, and the test clock was still going against me.
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  • 6/16/2010 6:12 AM HRCP wrote:
    Disclaimer: We don’t recommend cramming as a viable preparation method for the PHR and SPHR exams. But if you are sitting for the HR certification exam during the current testing window (which slams shut on June 30) and haven’t yet begun to study, you haven’t got time left for much else.

    Scenario: You registered to take the human resource certification exam four months ago. Your study materials arrived eight weeks ago. You’ve been busy with other things. Important things. But the exam is now 48 hours away, and you haven’t cracked a book.

    Our Advice:

    * Don’t panic. Some people march in and take the exam without studying a lick and pass on their first try. Not many people, but some. One thing is for sure: anxiety won’t get you any closer to a passing score. Try to relax and just do what you can in the time remaining.

    * Focus on the essentials. Scan your study materials for the key concepts. You probably won’t have time to read every word, so make a reasonable list of things you want to know for the exam. You might want to give special attention to the areas covered in the exam that are not part of your current job. For example, if you don’t work in a unionized environment, spend some quality time brushing up on labor relations.

    * Know the models. There are several models on which many other theories and concepts hang. Make sure you understand them thoroughly. I spent some time carefully learning the systems model for training just before going in to take the SPHR exam, and found that it helped me in answering at least three questions correctly.

    * Brush up on the laws. Federal legislation is so important in the human resource field, and that importance is reflected in the PHR and SPHR exams.

    * Review the terms and definitions. You did it in school. It works here, too. Study the glossary terms. If you don’t know a term’s definition, it is difficult to find the right answer on the exam. The HRCP Program includes lists of key terms in each unit and a set of flash cards with more than 500 terms and definitions. Other HR certification prep materials have similar study aids.

    * Don’t overdo. You can only stuff so much information into your brain in a limited amount of time. Be sure to take regular breaks for meals and exercise. Your study time will be more productive if you do.

    * Sleep. It is tempting to sacrifice sleep for study, and truthfully, at this point some sacrifice might be necessary. However, sleep is an important component in memory. It is during REM sleep that things are committed to our long-term memory. And caffeine is not a substitute for sleep. Getting a reasonable amount of shut-eye will help you more on the exam that drilling yourself on job evaluation methods.
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